50Anniversary     Golden Legacy Award


The 50 year Golden Legacy Award was rolled out in 2023.  It started out as a discussion between President Eric Lucas and Hall of Fame Chair Jon Kelley as they were aware of a bowler that was over 90 years of age and still bowling.  Not only that, this bowler had been bowling in our association for a long time.  Since the bowler did not have the bowling achievements to make it into the Hall of Fame, the idea of another form of recogntion arose.

The Golden Legacy Award is given to those bowlers who meet the following criteria:

     -  Currently an active bowler in an sanctioned adult league

     -  Has bowled 50 or more seasons in a Kokomo sanctioned adult league

     -  Can be verified in some manner (e.g. yearbooks or other records)

Award winners will be recognized at the Hall of Fame and Recognition dinner.

If you think you or someone you know may qualify, please contact our Association Manager or Historian Jon Kelley.


Year Recognized Name Number of Years Bowled
2023 Joe Slabaugh 50
2023 Mark Snodgrass 50
2023 Walter Adams 53
2023 Larry Cook 53
2023 Floyd Russell 53
2023 Dudley Williams 53
2023 Alan Anderson 54
2023 Leroy Burdine 55
2023 Charlie Locke 56
2023 Ed Stutzman 58
2023 Betty Flook 61
2023 Dale Ellis 64