Historical Database

Below is a link to an Excel Historical Database file.  This file has a list of dates and content summary for mostly newspaper articles about bowling.

This information can be used in a number of different ways.

1) You can read the file from top to bottom to better understand the bowling happenings covering over 130 years up through 2020.

2) If you are considering nominating someone for the Hall of Fame, this can be a reference to major items about a given person.  You would also want to check the Men's 700 menu, Women's 275s and 700s, Past 300s and 800s as well as the past City Tournament champions.  If you would like a copy of a given article, you can go to the library or contact Jon Kelley who has a copy of the items with a Y in the third column.

The best way to find the items with a reference to a person is to use the AutoFilter (click the pull down arrow in the first row) in the Topic column and select Contains and enter the last name.  You will then see all rows with that persons name.


Link to Excel Historical Database file: LINK