Welcome to the City of Firsts USBC Association website.


We are based in Kokomo (the City of Firsts) Indiana.




It's time for the 2019-2020 League Season!!


Rules Changes

Note that there are a couple of new rules to be aware of.  The first is already in effect.  You are not allowed to clean your bowling ball with any substance during competition including alcohol or cleaners. You are ONLY allowed to use a DRY towel.  If your ball has some "rubber belt burn", you need to get with the league officer in order to clean THAT PORTION of the bowling ball.  The second major rule to note takes effect on January 1, 2020.  That rule prohibits the use of a balance hole in the bowling ball.  If you have a high performance bowling ball drilled a number of years ago, this may affect you.  Schedule time in the pro shop to have them fill the balance hole as you will not be allowed to use that ball in league competition after January 1st.

State Tournament Entry Forms (Open, Masters, Queens, Women's, Mixed and Youth)

The City of Firsts Association has entry forms for each of the many state tournaments.  Please contact President Karole Smith or Association Manager DiAnne Rickel for forms.  You may also download them from the Indiana USBC web site at this page.  The Indiana USBC web site also has the ability to fill out forms and pay online if you are interested.

City Tournaments Entry Forms

The various City of Firsts USBC tournament entry forms are available at the Heritage Lanes form rack and available on this web site in the tournaments sections.

City of Firsts USBC Calendar

Senior Tournament - November 16-17

Mixed Tournament - December 8, 15

Open/Women Tournament - February 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16

Youth Tournament - January 26

City of Firsts USBC Annual Meeting - Sunday April 5 - 2 PM - Kokomo Library on Center Road

Hall of Fame Induction - April 26 - 6 PM - Elite Banquet and Conference Center


Have a Great Season!!