In 2006, the KBA, KWBA, and youth members merged to form the City of Firsts USBC Association.  As a result, the KBA and KWBA Halls of Fame were combined.

In 2007, the City of Firsts USBC held its inaugural Hall of Fame Ceremony with categories of Meritorious Service, Outstanding Bowler, Special Services, and Star of Yesteryear.   Special Services include a Non-Board Member, Outstanding Sponsor, Bowling Writer/Sportscaster, and Bowling Proprietor.

Click on the name of the Hall of Fame member below to see their accomplishments and contributions!


Class of 2020
Dennis Branch
Jill Shimer
Brad Slabaugh
Class of 2019
Brian Graham
Wes Gamblin
Cory Monroe
Class of 2018
Brad Pratt
Roscoe Crabtree
Rae Weaver
Josh Taylor
David Small
Class of 2017
Bryan Ramberger
Randy Ramberger
Rob Smith
Class of 2016
Kelly Beale
Don Mason*
Don Sparks
Class of 2015
Alan Anderson
Gene Conard*
Jim Mote
Don Spall
Class of 2014
Kim (Akers) Ciarlante
Cloyd Long*
Trent Marner
DiAnne Rickel
James Robison
Class of 2013
Tammy L. Burge
Rick A. Hartung
Lois M. Kelley
Justin "Jay" Lawrence*
John G. Lucas
Class of 2012
Richard C. Bailey
Donald W. Price
Class of 2011
Gary Brown*
Rick Kelley*
E. Lee Reeves
Denise Russell
Class of 2010
Rhonda Ballee
Lisa Cook
Carl Maudlin Sr.*
Sharon Wood
Class of 2009
Robert J. Burge Jr.
George Fort*
Ron T. Harding
Walt McFatridge*
Gary Trent
Class of 2008
Betty J. Flook
Lynda B. Lucas
Jack L.Monroe*
Robert L. Webb
Class of 2007
Mary Bailey
Beverly (Huff) Ress
Ron Siler
Cyndy Trent
Jeff Wood
Class of 2006
Thomas Arnett*
Ivory Beard*
Robert Colburn*
Connie Hensler
Nancy Turnbull
Evelyn Yohn*
Class of 2005
Michael S. Brooke
Isola Clark
Jane Cloum
Gerard Kelley
Gloriette Newbill
Beth Perkins
Floyd Russell
Class of 2004
Tom Dinwiddie*
Greg Garretson
Lynn Harbaugh
Debra Stewart
Janet Turner
Doug Workman
Class of 2003
Jo Brooke
Peg Lowe*
Velma Peacock*
Ross Pearson*
Patricia A. Pratt*
Mark Snodgrass
Ted Wooley
Class of 2002
Thomas E. Beale
Gary Exmeyer
Colleen Holaday
Delores 'Dee' Johnson
Larry Retherford*
Class of 2001
Elmer Cook*
Kathy Exmeyer
Mary E. Lee*
Peggie Mae Nelson*
Steven K. Preston
Evelyn Ratcliff DeLano*
Jerry Rosselot*
Class of 2000
William Ashburn*
Michael R. Butler
Clarence Gaines*
Lisa Graham
Marge Harrison*
Ida Reel
Virginia Scott*
Class of 1999
Jon P. Kelley
Ann Kleiber*
Truman C. Power Jr.*
Billy J. Reel
Evelyn Wenisch*
Sharon Wilcox
Class of 1998
Marcia Carpenter*
Billie Crabtree*
Ralph M. Densborn*
Clifton (Bunk) DeWitt*
Jeri Flowers
Mary Margaret Halstead*
Wayne N. Kitts*
Class of 1997
Charles L. Branch*
Clarence W. Clary*
Barbara Godlove*
Danny Preston
Elvetta Pristach*
Ann Schreiner*
Class of 1996
N. Juanita Cox*
Sandy Shuck Davenport
Daniel Gibson
Edward L. Martin
Janet Ocker
Henry (Lefty) Willer*
Class of 1995
Judy Belt
Willa 'Willie' Lowry*
Mable Hatt*
Max V. Snodgrass*
David H. Turner
Class of 1994
George M. Federspill*
Betty Hubert*
Charles (Ears) Lucas*
Gleda 'Wimpy' Moore*
Christine 'Tiny' Pierce
Class of 1993
W.M. 'Duggie' Englert McCoy*
Virginia Riser*
Katie Weitzel*
Class of 1992
Don Sellers*
Vada Soots*
Roscoe A Woodring*
Class of 1991
Francis A. Fisher*
Harry (Doc) Sloan*
Betty Thompson*
Class of 1990
Earlene Fawcett*
Frederick L. Hurstel*
Robert W. (Tex) Thornton*
Sue Thornton
Zelpha Turner*
Class of 1989
Clarence Ray Cameron, Jr.*
Rosie Currens*
Margaret 'Peg' Hawkins*
Jeniece Kasey
Kay Kelly*
Wilma Long*
Betty Malson*
Elsie Pettay*
Robert E. Reel*
Martha Wiezbenski*
Class of 1988
Carl J. Babb, Jr.*
Everett Quinnette*
Class of 1986
Jack L. Bender*
John M. Cox*
C. C. "Bud" Fridlin*
Loren O. Guge*
Dr. A. W. Holcombe*
Don Johnson*
J. Paul Jones*
Don A. Lowry*
Fred Swaney*